Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Navajo Falls July 2008

Navajo Falls were my favorite probably because it was the first one we saw after hiking in the heat all day. They are also very secluded it didn't seem like anyone knew how to find them because there was never anyone there but us. The boys (and Juliet!!) spent a long time jumping off the top of this falls. Scott had to go first of course. There was a rope on the highest part that you held on to so you wouldn't fall. I have a fear of heights so I didn't do it but Scott on the other hand was doing flips off it.

Havasu Falls 2008

This is the most famous waterfall called Havasu (that little person is Scott). It is the most photographed waterfall in the world and once you've been there you can see why. If I was a better photographer you could see why too. There is a huge pool at the bottom that turns into more and more waterfalls. I am telling you this place in unbelievable.

This is the whole group minus Dave. He finally showed up just as everyone was packing everything up to go home. Haha. He did get to see most of the falls on his way out. We were glad he made it. These guys are the funnest group of friends. I am glad they have stayed so close.

Mooney Falls July 2008

This picture is in a cave underneath one of the waterfalls.

To get to Mooney Falls you have to scale down the side of this wall. You hold on to chain and go down ladders. It was a little scary I am not going to lie. Mooney falls is the highest of the waterfalls at 200 ft. All of the waterfalls have deep pools at the bottom where you can swim and surprisingly the water is warm. Mooney falls is such a big waterfall that it makes its own waves that are pretty big.


This was a really hard hike especially on the way out because the last mile or two are the worst switchbacks imaginable. It was so worth it though.

This is the very beginning of the trail where you start the hike. Scott gave me my pack and when I put it on I about fell over backwards. This is when I started to get nervous.

The pink house boys (all of Scotts old roommates) planned a trip to Havasupai Falls in Arizona its really close to the Grand Canyon. I am telling whoever is reading this if you haven't gone there, you have to go. Scott and I both agree it is probably the most beautiful place we have ever been. The water is a turqouise blue from the lime in the water. It honestly looks like someone died it that color its so pretty.

The day we left Scott worked a twelve hour shift at the hospital, we then drove ten hours to were you start hiking, we took a two hour nap in the parking lot and then, hiked in ten miles. By the time we got there it had gotten so hot but, as soon as we saw that first waterfall it was all worth it. The waterfalls are amazing! Like something in a movie. Here are some of our pictures however, pictures cannot do this place justice!

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

One Year!

June 30th was our first anniversary. It's gone by fast but at the same time it feels like we have known each other forever. I am so grateful for Scott. I don't know how I found someone so amazing. He is the most kind and considerate person I know. I feel so blessed to be his wife.
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